September 18, 2014

ArmA 3 - Helicopter DLC

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                                 ArmA 3 "Helicopter" Downloadable Content Pack

New heavy transport helicopter to be added in the DLC based off the CH-47 Chinook

    ArmA 3 in many respects is one of the best and only dynamic combat simulators in the world. With everything else it has under it's belt, ArmA 3 is known for an excellent balance between the ground, marine, submarine and air aspects of modern combat in today's world. With that reputation comes need to improve and increase the level of realism and entertainment that comes out of the game. Over the past year and a half that ArmA 3 has been available, one year of that being in it's full retail release, Bohemia Interactive Studios, developer of the Armed Assault series, has been making changes and adding content requested by the fans of the series. Some requests coming all the way from the first Armed Assault. These common improvements and the lack of a set amount of content they can release combined with the massive modding community keeps the game fresh and always brings new possibilities.

With that said, many fans of the ArmA series have shown a great disappointment in the end state of ArmA 3 since the full release in September of 2013. These dedicated fans say that the game is not even close to being as large as it's predecessor, ArmA 2. A game that was so massive in scale on all levels that deep into the release of ArmA 3, four years after release of ArmA 2, fans found it more entertaining and stayed with their beloved game.

ArmA 3 was found by mod developers to be a much more restricting platform than ArmA 2. They have found the game engine supports nothing more than it needs to support the very simple and small amount of features it has in it's current state. This in turn restricts the modding community in the creativity and freedom they enjoyed in ArmA 2, a game that support an endless amount of mod possibilities. This is the reason why DLC that contains modifications to the engine matters.

A lineup of the helicopters already in ArmA 3.

The DLC it self is a "full conversion" that gives the option to choose an advanced flight model over the simple vanilla model. Bringing the flight characteristics of the the helicopter up to par and/or exceeding the level from Take On Helicopters, a flight sim from Bohemia Interactive. Most details are not yet released but what we know is that each player will have a choice to go to the new flight model or stay with the old one. This allows the more seasoned pilots to have more realism in the cockpit and newer pilots fresh out of flight school can stay with the simple ArmA 3 flight model that has been in the game since launch.

Ah jeez. Guys, are you okay? Guys? You'll be okay... I think.
The Rookie
Let’s get this out of the way first: the new flight mechanics have a steep learning curve. Anyone who takes passengers on board with the advanced flight model engaged had better have done their homework, or they’ll end up with a dozen corpses and a lot of angry friends. The new model replicates wind, weight, momentum, acceleration, and G-forces. Arma’s standard helicopter controls could hardly be accused of being arcadey, but now the helicopters feel like they’re punching the air to keep you from falling.
Engaging the advanced flight model, which can be turned on or off at any time through the settings menu, adds five dial readouts to the pilot’s HUD. They are, from left to right, speed, altitude, horizon, vertical speed, and wind direction. Alarm lights for torque and engine RPMs are there to flash yellow and red as you gracefully spiral through the sky toward an imminent, fiery death. Though overwhelming at first, with practice these inputs create an interactive map of every force acting on your vehicle.
No matter how advanced the flight model is, I can't help but feel I'm just a taxi.
In Take On Helicopters, slamming too hard on the accelerator would cause undue stress on the engine and lead to a bumpy, choppy ride as the machine deteriorated. Failing to heed engine light warnings would cause the troubled components to groan, complain, and then fall right off. Though the advanced flight model replicates these warning lights, the parts can’t fall off. To test this I flew like a demon, throttle wide open and collective swinging around, and never had a rotor come spinning off. Small mercies, I guess.
Just because the parts won’t be falling off, though, doesn’t mean you can fly recklessly. The new flight model includes a more realistic take on stalling and losing lift, so making a hard turn at high speeds will always end in a ball of fire.
Lots and lots of dials.
The Veteran
Dslyecxi, aka Andrew Gluck, is one of the biggest names in the online Arma community. The group he founded, Shack Tactical, is known as one of the best-organized gaming groups in Arma—which is saying something for a community that prides itself on military simulation. He narrated a series of tutorial videos for Arma 3.
“It's an advanced flight model, I think it needs some tweaking and some additional functionality for it to really live up to the expectations one has when hearing ‘advanced flight model.’ Once you dip into the more intricate aspects of helo flight, there are a lot of aspects that all mix together to represent what it takes to control a helicopter.” He also doesn’t agree that the flight model will be a good way for new pilots to earn their wings.
With everything said above, I must end this by saying, despite all the screw-ups in the past by BI studios, I am excited for this DLC and for future DLCs that are coming. I wont personally use the advanced flight model, I'm not a good enough pilot for that but I am excited for the new features that will come with this DLC. The new features include sling loading vehicles to helicopters, shooting from the passenger seat of vehicles and helicopters, new damage models for helicopters (some of which are already introduced) and so much more. Beyond what is coming in the official DLC, changes to the engine like this open new doors for the modding community.

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February 27, 2014

Buy Titanfall for PC for only 31.34€ / $42.89 and support All Random

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Personally, this is the lowest price I have seen Titanfall available yet. That's saying a lot too, since the game isn't even releasing for another week and a half or so!

For a limited time only, you can get Titanfall for 31.34€ / $42.89 through a special referral link and bonus promo code that offers another 5% OFF.

The All Random website welcomes the first official co-editor to the team!

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Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the first (ever) official co-author here at the All Random website: Infidel.

That's right, he's the co-host of the Back To Battlefield podcast and most of the time the one and only resident military intelligence expert around here.

Infidel will probably post whatever article may fancy him at the moment, but for right now that's most likely some good ol' ArmA content. He has already published his first post here on All Random, focusing on the upcoming ArmA 3 Zeus DLC, so go check it out and stay tuned for more from him!

February 26, 2014

My feedback on Titanfall beta and a callout to Respawn Entertainment

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The Titanfall beta has now come and gone for players on Xbox One and PC. It was great, to say the least. Addictive, fast-paced fun, and it immediately impressed me to the point that I repeated “This is definitely a Call of Duty killer,” over and over again.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, a company that came up as a result of Infinity Ward splitting up, they should know what to do to still make a great game. Infinity Ward, before it split up, is responsible for some of the best Call of Duty games that ever existed. Which, may I add, those Call of Duty games are still the best compared to the junk that has been put out in the past I-don’t-even-know-how-many years already in that franchise.

Anyway, let’s get on with this. Respawn Entertainment and Microsoft made it seem like the beta for Titanfall that took place recently was all about making sure the servers can handle the population loads. But, the game can still use more content for release, and post-release. 

Except Respawn has already made some comments that I want to address about certain things being in the game, both leading up to release and post-release.

February 24, 2014

ArmA 3 Zeus Downloadable Content

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The latest DLC coming for ArmA 3 can be tested in the developer build. It will be free and has no set release date. Although just about everything in this DLC can be done with the MCC mod, it looks fun.