August 13, 2013

Back To Battlefield Episode 17: Ask Me Anything About Your Face

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Back after two months! In this episode, RandomAlec does his routine coverage of Battlefield 4 goodness, and plenty of Xbox One changes. Infidel tries to avoid the numbers and headaches and provides some words (and visuals) from our sponsors. Battlefield 4 is starting to look real amazing, and so is the Xbox One! Infidel has a spontaneous ask me anything, and returns some questions back to RandomAlec too. See you next time for Gamescom 2013 talk!

Show Notes:
Your Feedback Matters – Update on Xbox One
Xbox One DRM roll-back kills family game share, digital disc library
Microsoft: ‘Shame on Us’ for Xbox One Messaging
Xbox One memory performance improved for production console
Microsoft account transition to local currency
Xbox 360 Headsets May Work With Xbox One
Battlefield 4 – Campaign Details Reveal
XBox Live for the XBox One: Enhancements and Changes
Xbox One will record last five minutes of gameplay, both online and offline
Keep Your Xbox One Powered On…For The Next 10 Years
Battlefield 4's Battlescreen map exclusive to next-gen and PC, Battlelog now fully web-based
ArmA 2 - 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Promo
Unboxing Xbox One
Xbox One: Sharing Digital Games and Gold
An Insider’s Look at the Xbox One Controller with Zulfi Alam
Ask Microsoft Anything About Xbox One

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