May 10, 2013

Back To Battlefield Episode 14: The Mating Call

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In this episode, RandomAlec goes into the small amount of news and rumors that have developed regarding Battlefield 4. Infidel's World dives into War Thunder, Grand Theft Auto 4, and DayZ. The next Xbox reveal takes place soon, and the latest rumors are also discussed. Oh, and Infidel goes into the wild with RandomAlec's mating call- wait, what?

Show Notes:
Battlefield 4: everything that’s confirmed so far
DICE confirms: Battlefield 4 will be at E3 2013
To pre-order Battlefield 4 or not to pre-order?
Top 5 much needed Battlefield 4 features
Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer coming before E3?
EA will no longer pay gun makers for the right to depict weapons in games
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