July 5, 2012

The All Random blog is ready to re-launch!

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A lot has happened with my network of All Random in regards to the live stream, YouTube, etc. Because things have grown so quickly since the last time I actually used this blog, I'm re-opening the blog with hopes of using this location as the one spot for everything All Random. As it rightly should be.

Want to know the biggest reason I'm re-launching All Random here on Blogger? Well, because I have just started a new (and my first ever) podcast titled "Back to Battlefield". In an idea that originally was given by a loyal viewer over on the All Random Gaming live stream, Infidel1997, the podcast will focus on everything Battlefield related in the video game world. Stay tuned for episode one of the podcast which is currently being polished and finalized!

You will see plenty of changes here on Blogger as new content is uploaded from YouTube and more. Stay tuned and be sure to properly follow all channels of All Random!