March 29, 2008

Changing Things Up

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Ok, so since I have not been posting on here in a while (pretty much just updating my blog with news concerning Xbox 360 for the most part) I have decided to just add feeds from Major Nelson, IGN, etc. just so I can have them on here automatically instead of reposting the same news found over on those sites. I will be using this blog from now on just to post random shit, whether it is related to games, news, tech, cars, my life, sex, etc. Anything goes.

So, down to business. I recently created an Ebay account, about last week, and so far it has gone great. I have been planning to sell things on Ebay for months now and finally got a chance to do it (or you can say I had a none-lazy day), so the first thing I sold was my lacrosse attack stick, with the headpiece, and gloves. That all sold for $91 total, it was awesome knowing someone actually bought it and it was definitely a good price considering I had never used the gloves and the stick I had only used it once for practice when I was going to join the wonderful fake team in my high school days.


The same day I sold the lacrosse gear I decided to buy an interesting little gadget created by ATI. It's called the ATI TV Wonder HD 600, and besides clicking the link provided and reading all about it, in a nutshell it lets you both watch television (with the antenna included or by connecting it to your television at home), both digital and analog, and even record actual television shows or whatever is pretty much displaying on your television when you have it running. I had the urge to buy this little gadget when I subscribed to IGN recently just to get into the Battlefield Bad Company Beta on the Xbox 360, even though it has its little bugs and problems of course. Because I now bought this little gadget on Ebay for $70 (and from a company that sells it under Visiontek TV Wonder HD 600 USB) total when it sells for $99.99, I can now make my own little gaming videos or even record my favorite shows all right onto my laptop. I highly recommend it.

'Til next time.