April 14, 2008

YouTube Channel, Tuner Gadget, Good Ol' Ebay and More

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So, yeah I have not posted here in a while because I have pretty much been doing three things, dealing with school, selling and buying on Ebay, and partying on the weekends. I ended up selling my lacrosse gear, my Sony PSP, and the 17 Xbox 360 games I was selling for a total of about $420. With that money I bought a Valentine 1 radar detector (but shhh keep that on the low down) as well as a neat little gadget made by ATI that I bought on Ebay. The gadget is the one I have mentioned before in my "Changing Things Up" post.

It has turned out awesome, I plan to use it to record other things such as television shows soon enough. You can see plenty of the videos I have made on my YouTube channel which I recently brought back to life, which includes the first video ever that I created using my new little gadget (also found below). It is a direct feed off of my Xbox 360 of a video interview (on Fallout 3) that I watched.

Enjoy, and do not worry I will post all YouTube submissions I make on here as well.