January 28, 2008

My AR15 (M15A4)

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So yeah, I purchased my AR15 after gaining much interest in the rifle about two years ago. I immediately registered on a website that is "The home of the Black Rifle," www.AR15.com. This website settled my addiction as I soon read about everything there was to know about these awesome rifles. Soon enough I knew everything I had to and by Summer 2005 I was ready to purchase one that I had found at a local weapons dealer for $900 which was a great price! The rifle I purchased is an Armalite M15A4 [link] (of course without the scope pictured in the link).

Since then I have spent about a total of a year saving up and purchasing additional parts for my rifle, little by little. From a mounting system, actual parts to mount onto it, to even a red dot scope. Without wasting any more time below you will find pictures of my AR15, no valued at over $2,000 (maybe even $3,000). It is the best investment I have made in my life to date, shooting it is even better.

Note: You will see a picture of a target in the slideshow below, showing five shots I attempted at the target at 75 yards, that black spot is only about 3 inches in diameter, three out of five isn't bad and damn accurate too.